The R & R agreement is meant to enhance and insure a positive experience for both current and future visitors. It itemizes and fully discloses the house rules for protection of the Lodge  and restrictions as set forth by the City of South Lake Tahoe by ordinance as conditions for use.



 * Respect for Lodge: Displacement or damage of furniture or excessive mess or filth requiring extra 

    cleaning  costs is prohibted with costs deducted from deposit.

 * In order to protect the piano finish flooring;

       1) No soled shoes or slippers are to be worn beyond the tiled entry.

       2) All skis and snowboards  should be  left outside.

       3) All debris and water spills will be swept or mopped up to prevent  scratches and edge warpping

 * Sorry, we cannot accommodate pets at this time due to possible allergic reactions of guests.

 *  In order to reduce the risk of fire or smoke damage no smoking is permitted on the premises. 

 * Correct recycling of garbage in animal proof containers  and all conservation  measures are to be observed as well as a no feeding  of wild life policy in accordance with the USFS regulations.

 * No illegal activity including illegal drug use is to take place on premises or property environs.

 * Respect for neighbors. No loud or disruptive parties or disturbances are permitted.

     Police calls to  premises for distubance of the peace  will result in immediate eviction

     and complete forfeiture of  all funds and payment of all fines associated therein.

  * Only 2 vehicles are allowed in driveway per 

SLT ordinances.


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